A day of Music, Life, and Remembrance, 10 years since the premature departure of Davide Lufrano Chaves.

To celebrate this day we invited musicians from Italy, England, and Gibraltar, from a variety of musical projects in which our great friend, and great artist, Davide, contributed throughout the years. Everybody accepted the invitation, so the date is set: Saturday the 24th of June 2023, see you in Prato!

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To bring this day into reality, we still need to cover some costs (approximately €4,000), mainly to cover the traveling expenses of the musicians coming from abroad. Among us, we will contribute the rest: food, accommodation, musical services, instruments, and spaces.

So we need your help with those costs. Every little contribution is appreciated and useful. Any excess we will receive is going to be donated to AIL (Italian association supporting Leukaemia and Multiple Myeloma research and care).

You can donate here, thank you!

We are friends of Davide, with him we shared an important piece of our lives: as fellow musicians, school mates, scouts, or simply travelling companions.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and see you at the concerts!

Flora, Toni, Tommaso, Lorenzo, Agi, Antonio, Alessandro, Gaia, Scilla, Pedro,  Marta, Luca, Teresa, Elia, Betty, Fabio, Francesco, JB, Giulia, Sara, Martina, Pinzi, Alejandro, Edina, Surianne, Maurizio, Giovanni, Marco…