Resounding Resonances
Nicoletta Andreuccetti
live electronics: Tommaso Rosati

Bushwick Open Studio 2018 Festival
9/28/2018, 8PM
New York (USA)

kuku @ Uffizi Live

Painting’s Soul Voices: Music with a Movie Camera
Experimental acoustic and electronic music through the use of video camera and sound flows deriving from the paintings’ spectrum of colours.

28 august at 19-21
Uffizi, Firenze

Samuele Strufaldi & Tommaso Rosati
opening Craig Taborn
Samuele Strufaldi // pianoforte
Tommaso Rosati // live electronics

23 november at 21:15
Sala Vanni, Firenze

buff maxforlive device
almost free
Buff is a max for live device that record a buffer of sound and allow you to rhythmically scrub on it controlling trigger of playback and speed, with a glitchy taste.


Tommaso Rosati

Italian electronic composer performer and teacher.
Live electronics specialist.
Ableton Live and Max/MSP expert.
Founder of guitarpiù.

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