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Tommaso Rosati

Prato, Italy il 18 / 5 / 1983
Skills: Live electronics, Musical Software Developing (in Max/MSP and max for live), Drumset, circuit bending, teaching

ph +39 329 6271713

2012-2014: Master’s degree in Electronic Music (MNT) at Conservatorio Cherubini in Florence with Marco Ligabue and Alfonso Belfiore.
Thesis “Augmented instruments, the birth of a new gestuality”. Score 110/110 cum Laude and honorable mention.

2008-2011: Bachelor in “Jazz Drumset and percussion” at Conservatorio Mascagni in Livorno with Mauro Grossi, Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis, Francesco Petreni.
Thesis “Spatialization of sounds in composition and livesets” with developing of original software. Score 110/110.

2010 Electronic music studies at “Audiofficine” with Tommaso Dini, Marco Liuni, Simone Conforti.

2008: Release of the LP “Giorno in cui” with Pitjamajusto netlabel
(best LP of italian electronic music in 2008 for >>Reviews
2009: “20e30, vento caldo” is included in “RIP! a remix Manifesto” by Feltrinelli
2010: Release of the LP “Tratto da una storia che accadrà” Autoprod. >>Reviews
2010: Bach “Fantasia Cromatica e fuga” di C. Failli (Clarinetto) and tomme (Live electronics) presented at “Suoni Inauditi”, contemporary music festival in Livorno, italy.
2010: “Di Tessuti e altre Storie” by Teresa Paoli (music by tomme)
(Ilaria Alpi Prize 2011 best Documentary.On italian national broadcast Raitre in 2012-13)
2012: Release of the EP “Declare love and variables” digital release – Autoproduction
2012: Exhibition at “il Corpo, la Luce, il Suono” in Florence
2012: Concert at Auditorium C. Chiti in Livorno for “Suoni inauditi 12/13”. “rose trip”.
2013: Concert at Loewe Theater in New York “spaccato” piano/live electronics and “Lat e n c y” ensemble +
2014: Presentation of augmented Kalimba and augmented Guitar with Riccardo Onori in Luigi Cherubini Conservatory, Florence
2014: Founding of “Guitarpiù” augmented instruments
2014: Nonsolocorpisoli – Anita Brandolini | Dancer – Officina Giovani, Prato
2014: ICMC–SMC 2014 Athens, Onassis Center. “Lat e n c y” acousmatic
2014: Contemporanea Festival, Prato “Zoom out” for augmented guitar, live electronics and visual, with Riccardo Onori and alkèmia film
2015: “Postcard from Vega” world premiere NYU Theater, New York (ensemble + fixed media)
2015: “L’anticiclone delle Azzorre” – Il Geometra Mangoni. Qui base luna – Freecom. Electronics, Drumset, Arrangement.
2016: Rose trip in “L’Auditorium che canta 1.0” paper by ISSM “P. Mascagni” Livorno – download
2016: Resound Nature has been included in the 2016 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival
2016: Winner of 1MNext16 on “Primo Maggio” concert in Rome with Il Geometra Mangoni
2016: “1:25000” for augmented drums and augmented guitar with Marco Papa for Klang#4 – Tempo Reale Progetto Primavera 2016 in Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence
2016: “CPD In two minds” by Nicoletta Andreuccetti Sax soprano e live electronics. Performed at Cagliari Festival Spaziomusica 2015 and Utrecht ICMC2016

tomme (electroacoustic-contemporary-IDM solo music)
ruprekt (duo with Samuele Strufaldi) >> | FB
Il Geometra Mangoni (electronic rock-pop) >> | FB
kuku (with S.Montagni and M.Rappelli – jazz-contemporary-IDM) >> | FB
Tommaso Rosati and Riccardo Onori (live electronics and augmented guitar duo)
Nicoletta Andreuccetti and Tommaso Rosati (contemporary music)
Anita Brandolini and Tommaso Rosati (contemporary /aerial dance – live electronics)
Feijoada + Pierluigi Barili | Irene Giuliani Quartet (jazz and brazilian jazz)

founder of Guitarpiù (augmented instruments)
Alkèmia film (music for adv and shorts)

Teacher in “G.Verdi” music School / Officina Giovani, Prato. Course: “doing Computer music”
Teacher of Music Technologies in “Carducci” Secondary School, Pisa (Italy)
Drumset teacher at Filarmonica G. Verdi, Montemurlo, Prato
Private lesson teacher in Electronic music, Max, Ableton Live or Max for Live
Private lesson teacher in Drumset

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Tommaso Rosati

ph +39 3296271713


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