Samuele Strufaldi _ Tommaso Rosati _ Francesco Gherardi

t is a trio + 1.
Three musicians (Samuele Strufaldi _ piano, Francesco Gherardi _ tabla and Tommaso Rosati _ electronics) interact with self-constructed and programmed robots that perform music inside the piano. The research orbitates around “Time” in all its manifestations.
The perception of time as humans, the manifestation of a “mechanical time” by robots and algorithms, the interaction between different layers and time interpretations.
The musicians perform and play, interacting and improvising with the robots, using self-designed software, and a led light system that reacts and follows the performance, creating a unique stage atmosphere to picture a reflection on different physical and philosophical aspects of “time”.

Samuele Strufaldi _ piano
Tommaso Rosati _ live electronics and robots
Francesco Gherardi _ tabla

music Samuele Strufaldi, Tommaso Rosati, Francesco Gherardi
producers Samuele Strufaldi, Tommaso Rosati, Francesco Gherardi

label Elli Records – www.elli.media

recording, pre-mix Samuele Strufaldi, Tommaso Rosati, Francesco Gherardi
mix and mastering Jambona Lab, Livorno – Italy

photo Chiara Arturo
graphic design Chiara Arturo, Tommaso Rosati, Samuele Strufaldi, Francesco Gherardi

light design in live show Samuele Strufaldi, Tommaso Rosati, Francesco Gherardi, Gianluca Gherardi

robot and mechanics Tommaso Rosati, Leo Binetti

With special thanks to Ludwig Boltzmann

Catalog number : EL46
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