Download free and almost free max for live or Pure Data devices from my collection.
Max for live is a Ableton Live toolkit to create custom instruments, effects, and other tools to do exactly what you need. You can see what max for live is here.


Blip allows you to generate chains of glitchy blip sounds by setting different parameters that make the rhythmic and timbre possibilities almost infinite. The action can be activated either by a dedicated and mappable button or through the peaks of an incoming sound. Blip uses a noise and an intonable sawtooth as original sound synthesis; filters, panning, dynamic envelope, distance variations are applied to the generated sound, all managed by three fully customizable graphic interfaces.


Stepknob is a simple device that allows you to control up to three parameters simultaneously increasing or decreasing their MIDI value.

You can choose the size of the steps and how smooth the transition between one step and the next.


Psyn is a pattern synthesis sequencer instrument

Taking its cue from Mark Fell’s work on the Multistability album and the papers before it, this device creates rhythmic patterns in an unconventional way. Each step can have a different duration, a different amount of note repetitions and a different note duration. This creates patterns that can range from complex rhythms to real timbres given by the very fast repetition of notes.

Basically it’s a MIDI effect but it has the possibility to act as a real musical instrument.

The Timbre that is generated by setting very fast patterns is based on the instrument device that follows it.

The notes it generates can be a fixed note or even input notes (single or chords also) on the track. In sustain mode the input notes can even decide when the sequencer should start and when it should stop, creating a real musical instrument.


Looppa is a mlr style looper and freezer in the form of a maxforlive device for ableton live. It allows you to record 8 loops and play them back with a natural system based on the display of the scrolling of the recording and the ability to interact with it.

With Looppa you have the possibility to use a launchpad instead of a monome and have it at hand inside Ableton Live. In addition, there are new features such as separate pitch and playback rate management. In addition, you can quantize the recording while always remaining at the master time of your liveset.

PRICE Almost free

Noteknob is a simple MIDI device for max for live that translates a knob value into a MIDI note. You can select a threshold after which the note is played, the value of the note, its velocity and its duration. With hold mode the note will last indefinitely and with sustain mode you can decide when to end the note directly from the knob.

PRICE Almost free

Stretch is a live max for live stretch/freeze device. You can manually activate the recording of a portion of sound or automate it with an envelope follower. Once the sample has been recorded you can play it in three modes: percussion (plays a small portion with a selectable decay); sustain (a freeze with a knob to navigate through the sample); LFO (automatically moves through the sample choosing between different waveforms).

PRICE Almost free

Max for Live percussion instrument based on FM Synthesis. Designed to make glitchy, harsh, extreme percussion sounds.

– 3-operator FM Synthesis
– Onboard randomness to make “natural” sounds
– velocity to control volume and spectrum richness
– switchable sustain to play with midi keyboards or new percussion pads like Keith McMillen Boppad

PRICE Almost free

This device allow to trigger an automation for a knob or a fader. You can trigger automation in 4 modes: 1) Alternate button: every click alternate high and low state 2) Toggle: 1 for “go to high”, 0 for “back to low” 3) Specific button: left button for “go to high”, right button for “back to low” 4) Randomize button: Randomize parameter within range Random speed option allow to randomize also speed when you trigger the randomize button. You can also choose random speed range.

PRICE Almost free

Buff is a max for live device that record a buffer of sound and allow you to rhythmically scrub on it controlling trigger of playback and speed, with a glitchy taste.
You can also have a random change of pitch on each step, play in solo mode or quantize the scrubbing.

PRICE Almost free

Friz is a max for live device that freeze a buffer of sound and play it changing speed to make rhythmical patterns. It can also simply freeze your sound. Can be triggered manually with a single knob or automatically with the peaks of your sound.

PRICE Almost free

Dedelay is a max for live device that allows you to choose a note to delay with detune on every repetition. You can go up or down and choose the rate of the repetitions: to do that you can operate manually or analyze your incoming sound with an envelope follower.

PRICE Almost free

Go+Back is a max for live device that allows to record and playback musical phrases straight and reversed in real-time. With just one knob you can control all the process: choose the length of the phrase and the start/stop of the playback.

almost free

It’s a simple stutter that can be activated by a knob in your MIDI controller.
Higher are the values you set with the knob more are the repetitions you get (and smaller the grains).
With the other knob the pitch of the stuttering can also be changed.

stutter one-knob maxforlive device

Max for Live MIDI device

Choose the probability of an incoming MIDI note to pass, with a single knob.

note chance midi maxforlive device

This MIDI device translate note velocity into note length.

It’s meant for Dadamachines automat toolkit (dadamachines) but you can use it for all project with robotic or solenoid actuators.

UPDATE: added device that alternate a note with its next one.

midi velocity to length maxforlive device

Pure data patch (request Pure Data installed). Ableton like clip launcher for grid controllers like Novation Launchpad, Akai APC key, Novation Launchkey and more…

pure data clip launch device