Software development (Max for Live)
Founder of “Più maxforlive” company

Manual about Music Technology for Music High School (and not only). It’s based on color illustrations and visualization of concepts. It’s in Italian but an Idea is to translate it into English


suono elettronico sfoglio gif tommaso rosati

Collaboration with Nicoletta Andreuccetti, composer. Support the composing and performing process for the live electronics parts.

Resounding Resonances (2018, US premiere) – VIDEO
MA/IN 2019 /// Notturno Sole – VIDEO

Concept and realization of “Augmented guitar” with ultrasonic, accelerometer, gyroscope, force sensors and embedded DSP.

prototype 5.0: VIDEO
prototype 4.0: VIDEO

Video tutorial (ITA) about Pure Data, Reaper, Audacity and Spear

Concept and realization of “Augmented kalimba”

Class and Workshop teaching activity for music teachers, music High schools, private organizations

Circuit bending

toys – VIDEO